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Restaurantexperts,Salthouse_소금집 Class Intro

The Insiders Guide to At-Home Meat Processing

Chef George Durham, Restaurateur Younghoon Cho
  • Handmade Processed Meat
  • Deli Meat
  • Charcuterie Board
  • Sandwiches
  • Brunch
  • AudioKOR
  • SubENG
  • Total 10 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Salt House throughout 10 online classes.
  • Intermediate Level
    Requires a basic understanding of cooking
    • Intermediate Level
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Restaurantexperts,Salthouse_소금집 Class Description

Class Intro
Restaurant Experts, Salt House

With over 540,000 jambon-beurre sandwiches sold and more than
600 clients nationwide for their processed meat, Salt House is most
famous for its handmade processed meat, deli meat, and charcuterie.

You can learn Salt House’s skills on processed meat and the
basics of their preparation process from Chef George Durham,
the supervisor of all handmade processed meat used in
Salt House and Salt House Deli.

Coloso George Durham, Younghoon Cho The Insiders Guide to At-Home Meat Processing

Restaurateur Younghoon Cho's practical tips that led to the
opening of Salt House, Salt House Deli, Salt House Pie Shop,
and even the grocery store will help prospective owners
prepare to start their own bakeries, brunch cafes,
and wine bars.

From a vague understanding of handmade processed meat
to the production and sales, learn all about Salt House's tips
which you can easily follow to make, sell, and enjoy
with just one sous-vide machine
in a cafe or at home.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 10 videos
(Duration 2h 18m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3


7 Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


George Durham, Younghoon Cho
Salt House CEO / Restaurateur

I'm Chef George Durham, CEO of Salt House,
and I'm Younghoon Cho, Restaurateur of Salt House.

I'm George Alexander Durham, a cellist from California.
I spent a short period as a chef at a local Michelin three-star restaurant,
and while performing in Korea, my mother's hometown,
I was craving delicious bacon, so I returned to being a chef.

I'm Younghoon Cho, the oldest employee,
and storyteller in charge of B2B transactions at Salt House.
Stories of food by chefs have always left me in awe, and
I long for the passion and creativity of the chefs to be admired.

Only until a few years ago,
Salt House was not really an F&B-based professional project or
a farm-based start-up, and none of the crews had learned or dealt with
meat processing professionally.

But now, we have been steadily building success and reputation
by introducing various handmade types of meat, including 'jambon',
which changed the definition of sandwich ham.

Come and learn the secret of Salt House's
hand-made processed meat, to be revealed only at Coloso.

Background images
Coloso George Durham
George Durham

Salt House Co-CEO / CTO

Projects & Awards

- City College of San Francisco (Culinary arts)
- University of Southern California (Master of music)

- 2015 ~ Present Salt House Co., Ltd.
- 2010 ~ 2011 Manresa restaurant (CA)
- 2006 - 2015 Berkeley symphony"

Coloso Younghoon Cho
Younghoon Cho

Salt House Restaurateur

Projects & Awards

- Hongik University Graduate School (Arts & Cultural Management (MBA))
- Korea University (Art History (Western))

- 2016 ~ 2022 Salt House Co., Ltd.
- 2013 ~ 2015 RECORD FACTORY
- 2011 ~ 2013 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism CTPD"

클래스 특징

Class Highlights

Basic Principles and Processes
Of Handmade Processed Meat

Meat processing can be thought of as a complicated process but it can be done by anyone as long as you have the basic knowledge. This class will teach you about everything related to handmade processed meats such as salami, charcuterie, and prosciutto, as well as meat preparation, curing and smoking. Learn authentic meat processing skills with tips shared by Salt House Chef George Durham and Restaurateur Younghoon Cho.

Coloso George Durham, Younghoon Cho Introduction

Revealing Salt House’s
Bestselling Recipe for the
First Time

We will now unveil Salt House Deli's bestseller and signature menus, jambon-beurre and pastrami sandwiches, including the original recipes for the first time. Salt House's Deli Sandwich is famous for its simple ingredients but unique taste that keeps you coming back for more! Don’t miss out on the signature recipe, as well as information on the ingredients vendors.

Coloso George Durham, Younghoon Cho Introduction

Various Ways to Use & Store
Handmade Processed Meat

Processed meat itself already tastes good, but there are endless recipes where they can be used! Learn all about the simple but unique recipes that can be completed in 15 minutes, such as simple pasta using only tomatoes and guanciale and stew made with chorizo sausage. Furthermore, we will teach you how to store processed meat so you can keep them fresh and ready to use all the time.

Coloso George Durham, Younghoon Cho Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Coloso Baking Class Details
Information about Processed Meat &
Equipment and Facility Recommendations

From the primary language of processed meat to the perfect pair of liquor, we will guide you through the process so that handmade processed meat does not feel complex. We give equipment recommendations considering the versatility and usability, along with information on what we use in Salt House. Learn about the various types of processed meat and their features to make a simple deli with a sous-vide machine!

Coloso Baking Class Details
More About Fresh Handmade Processed Meat
to Use in Shops and Stores

Learn that homemade processed meat is not difficult through the process of making sous vide ham yourself, and make your own ham. If you learn the process of manufacturing processed meat according to the curriculum, you can make saltiness and spices according to your taste, to complete fresh and creative signature dishes loved by customers with our store's unique handmade processed meat.

Coloso Baking Class Details
Making a Simple and Memorable
Salt House-Style Charcuterie Board

Did you ever try making your own charcuterie board, but felt that it wasn't good enough? People usually think of a charcuterie board as a time-consuming party menu, but it's actually simple yet eye-catching at the same time. We'll share tips on plating it well considering the ingredients, cost, and taste and release various delicious food ingredients and vendor information that have not been disclosed anywhere, so don't miss out on it!

Coloso Baking Class Details
Tips on Store Management
For Prospective Start-Ups

We’ll share some helpful stories about Salt House and introduce the business aspect of Salt House. If you're ready to start a business, this is your chance to learn all about the tips on running a store by reducing cost and time risks, as well as the sales know-how on how Salt House impresses its customers.

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. What Is Handmade Processed Meat and Charcuterie?

01. Salt House and Processed Meat

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Briefly learn about the classification, characteristics, and culture of handmade processed meat, commonly referred to as charcuterie
  2. [Learning Points]
    - What is handmade processed meat? What is charcuterie?
    - Basic principles of processed meat such as salt, drying, and smoking
    - The story of Salt House, which began with smoked bacon

02. Prepare Kitchen Utensils

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Learn about the facilities needed to manufacture processed meats and where you can get them
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Things you need and things you don't
    - Facilities used by Salt House Deli
SECTION 02. Official Deli

03. Sous-Vide Jambon - Introduction to Deli Meat

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Make your own jambon (Salt House's bestseller)
  2. [Learning Points]
    - A homemade jambon
    - Curing (salt), the basic technique of manufacturing processed meat

04. Brisket Pastrami I. Making Intermediate Deli Meat

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Make pastrami, a representative beef processed meat
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Brisket trimming
    - Curing Spice (Preservation) Preparation and Preservation

05. Brisket Pastrami II: Smoking: Hot Smoking

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Smoke the pastrami that has been cured and bake it into ham.
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Cooking raw meat after curing
    - Application of hot smoking: Duck breast
SECTION 03. Recipes Using Processed Meat

06. Deli Sandwich

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Using the processed meat we created previously, we're going to make a simple but best-selling sandwich in Salt House Deli
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Jambon-beurre is made of sous-vide jambon
    - Cold pastrami sandwich
    - Salt House Deli Original Recipe
    - Materials for Salt House Deli

07. Simple Pasta Using Italian Processed Meat

  1. [Characteristics of Class]
    - Let's make classic amatriciana using only tomatoes and guanciale.
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Introduction of Guanciale, an Italian processed meat ingredient
    - Understanding of aged dried meat for cooking such as guanciale and panchettas

08. How to Cook with a Chorizo Sausage: Chorizo Sauce Stew

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Make a chorizo sausage stew with tomatoes, white bean, and green hwangchae.
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Learning how to use sausages as food ingredients away from pan-frying
    - Introduction of representative Spanish processed meat, chorizo sausage using pimentone

09. A Small and Elegant Charcuterie Board
(2–3 Servings)

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Let's learn how to organize charcuterie boards for everyday life, not parties.
  2. [Learning Points]
    - A reasonable and economical charcuterie construction
    - A creative and active use of garnish
SECTION 04. Final Words

10. Different Types of Processed Meat in the World

  1. [Characteristics]
    - Advice on handmade processed meat
  2. [Learning Points]
    - Thinking outside the box
    - Handmade processed meat as a friendly ingredient
    - Introduction of major processed meat workshops in Seoul
    - Untold stories

Interview with
Chef George Durham and Restaurateur Younghoon Cho

Background images
Please tell us about Salt House.

Salt House Deli wasn't created with any sandwich kingdom or charcuterie myth in mind. At a time when online sales were the main focus, it started as a way to make full use of the improved productivity after moving the workshop. We have always placed great importance on consistency within a reasonable line, and more than anyone else, we aim for local and natural coexistence in a public-friendly manner. So, we were able to meet the products we wanted by repeating countless times of making, tasting, and improving processed meat ourselves. Our business has grown a lot, and we now use modern technology, but we still respect the old ways as we continue to run Salt House.

What made you decide to participate in this class?

We think it's important to publicize the salt house more through this Coloso Class, but we wanted to let you know that various foreign food ingredients have already been localized and are ready in stores. We want to emphasize that making processed meat is not as difficult as people think it is and is productive, profitable, and attractive. We also wanted to share our experiences in the food industry because we believe that the more information we share, the more valuable your dining table and dining experience will become.

What important skills can you learn through this class?

You will learn how to make processed meat and apply them to different menus to use in cafes and at home. If you’ve always enjoyed cooking, you will learn how to make delicious processed meat using a $70-80 sous-vide machine. All applied recipes are based on basic ingredients such as sausages, dried meat, and ham and are open to variations according to the student’s preferences. So, I hope many people will take this opportunity to fall in love with handmade processed meat.


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