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ConceptArtist,Riesun_리에순 Class Intro

Designing Appealing Character Costumes and Weapons

Concept Artist, Riesun
  • Photoshop
  • Design
  • Costume
  • Portfolio
  • AudioKOR
  • SubENG
  • Total 21 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Riesun throughout 21 online classes.
  • Basic Level
    Requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC.
    • Basic Level
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ConceptArtist,Riesun_리에순 Class Description

클래스 소개

Class Intro
Concept Artist, Riesun

Do you rely on copying other artwork
when you paint character costumes and weapons,
or do you feel frustrated
when you have to create original design elements?

To become a concept artist
that is respected in the industry,
you must know how to identify popular trends
that the user base will enjoy
based on the game's story and settings,
and how to express it
in the character's design.

Coloso Riesun Designing Appealing Character Costumes and Weapons

From finding inspiration from design resources
to understanding how character designs can be trendy,
and how to make various character designs
and concept arts that fit the theme of the character,

learn from Concept Artist Riesun,
an artist who proved her proficiency in designing character costumes
as she created character concept art for <Seven Knights>, <Gran Saga>,
and other famous games for over 9 years
and master the practical design process used in the industry.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 21 videos
(Duration 18h 03m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop 2022

[Available Software Version]
Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Adobe Photoshop 2022

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

- Design Reference Document
- Lecture Presentation File
- Character Body Drawing Sketch
- Character Design Draft File
- Weapon Design Draft File

Expert Concept Artist
Riesun's Profile & Portfolio

Concept Artist

I am Concept Artist Riesun.

For over 9 years,
I made most 2D graphics artwork
required in video games,
such as character concept art designs,
weapon, armor, costume designs,
character art, and poster game CIs.

In this class, I'll be teaching useful tips
on how to make costume and weapon designs,
two of the most difficult design elements
that concept artists find to create.

I hope you can broaden your understanding of designs
and efficiently develop your portfolio
after taking this online class.

Background images
Coloso Riesun
Concept Artist

Concept Artist

Projects & Awards

NPIXEL Head Character Concept Artist
Netmarble Nexus <Seven Knights>
Character Concept Artist


6 Class Exercises

Final Outcome

Part 01. 3 Character Designs

Part 02. 3 Weapon & Emblem Designs

*These are sample images for better understanding.


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클래스 특징

Class Highlights

Learn How to Design Characters
Through Creative Ideation

Concept artist Riesun participated in numerous concept art projects for famous video games, and master her practical character design project to make industry-ready character sheets.

Coloso Riesun Introduction

Understanding What Good Designs are And Applying it
To Your Artwork

Do you want to make stylish designs that adapt to the quickly changing trends? Learn how to establish design standards and also how to make competitive high-quality character designs.

Coloso Riesun Introduction

Review What You Learned In the Industry Way, Efficient Class Materials Provided

This is your chance to focus solely on costume and weapon designs! Lessen the burden of drawing characters every time with our character body drawing sketch file and improve your character designing capability.

Coloso Riesun Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

*These are sample images for better understanding.

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Basic Warm-up for Designing

01. Introduction

  1. Instructor Introduction
  2. Class Objective : Studying the Principles and Training Design Sense
  3. What is Character Design?
  4. Key Principle : Understanding How to Use References

02. Design Principles for ‘Character Design’ 1

  1. Design Principles You Must Study and Memorize
  2. Flow
  3. Balance
  4. Simplification

03. Design Principles for ‘Character Design’ 2

  1. The Three Powers You Need
  2. Design Power and Creative Power

04. Understanding Trends and The Juicer Theory

  1. Definition of Concept in Concept Art
  2. Understanding Trends
  3. Where to Find References and How to Use It
SECTION 02. Preparations for the Practical Process

05. Understanding the Character Design Workflow

  1. Understanding the Practical Process for Making 3D Projects
  2. Establishing a Character Setting
  3. The Right Tone and Manner For Your Character Settings

06. Understanding Weapon Designs

  1. Key Theory For Making Weapon Designs
  2. Types of Weapons for Each Character
  3. Size Proportions of Different Sword Types

07. Using References

  1. Size Proportions of Wands and Spears
  2. The Standard for Good References and How to Find Them
  3. Gathering and Organizing References
  4. Gathering References as a Daily Basis
SECTION 03. Practical Process for Designing Characters Costumes

08. Design Demonstration : Swordsman 1

  1. Using PureRef
  2. How to Use Hair and Costume Design References
  3. How to Use Armor Design References

09. Design Demonstration : Swordsman 2

  1. How to Use Shoe Design References
  2. Examples of Color Combinations That Use Personal Colors
  3. Designing Patterns and Accessories with References

10. Design Demonstration : Swordsman 3

  1. Refining and Finishing the Design

11. Design Demonstration : Swordsman 4

  1. Developing Details to Adjust Values
  2. Defining the Tone and Manner to Denote the Atmosphere

12. Design Demonstration : Healer 1

  1. Hair and Costume Design
  2. Cleaning Up the Sketch and Assigning Colors

13. Design Demonstration : Healer 2

  1. Using Accessory References to Build Up Details

14. Design Demonstration : Damage Dealer 1

  1. Strengthening the Healer Design_Improving Designs by Stacking It Up
  2. Sketching the Damage Dealer Design by Combining Images Created through Juicing References

15. Design Demonstration : Damage Dealer 2

  1. Assigning Colors Based on the Overall Tone
  2. Using Accessory References to Build Up Details
SECTION 04. Practical Process for Designing Symbolic Emblems and Weapons

16. Emblem and Pattern Design

  1. Designing Symbolic Patterns and Emblems that Match Your Character Design

17. Weapon Design Demonstration_Greatsword

  1. Designing a Weapon for the Swordsman Character

18. Weapon Design Demonstration_Wand

  1. Designing a Weapon for the Healer Character

19. Weapon Design Demonstration_Spear

  1. Designing a Weapon for the Damage Dealer Character

20. Ending The Class : Wrapping Up

  1. Freelance Concept Artist
  2. Designers, Illustrators, and Concept Artists
  3. The Right Mindset to Keep in Touch with Trends
  4. Portfolio Building TIP

21. BONUS : Useful Character Drawing Tips

  1. Drawing TIP1 : Using Daz Studio to Make Simple Poses and Turn the Camera Angle
  2. Drawing TIP2 : Importing It to Blender and Setting up the Lighting

with Concept Artist Riesun

Background images
What is your goal for this class?

I want to share to you the techniques I developed to come up with and apply design elements using references that aren't from the game based on my experience in the industry. Instead of creating new things out of nothing, I'll show you we use pre-existing references to make even better design elements for character designs with a commercial-artistic approach, and I will use it to guide you on how to quickly improve your painting skills.

How does this class stand out from others?

I made numerous character concept art for 9 years, and I believe that I have a strong advantage in identifying popular trends that the users will like and applying them as design elements in characters. Through this class, I'll share you my personal tips on maintaining a sharp design sense and reacting to the quickly changing trends.

What can the students take from
this class?

I'm going to suggest a systematic approach to character designs for students who reached a high level of painting and composing but find it hard to establish design standards. By giving answers to students who couldn't tell what designs and references are good, I'll help them create highly competitive character designs that stand out among others.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop 2022.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.
*You can take this class using other programs aside from the programs mentioned above.
*Available Software Version : Adobe photoshop CS6 - Adobe Photoshop 2022


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