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ConceptArtist,Soyoong_소융 Class Intro

Conceptualizing Your Character: From Design to Illustration

Concept Artist, Soyoong
  • ArtTheory
  • ConceptArt
  • SelfStudy
  • AudioKOR
  • SubENG
  • Total 20 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Concept Artist Soyoong throughout 10 online classes.
  • Intermediate Level
    Requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC.
    • Intermediate Level
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    • USD 159.50 USD 350.00 54% off

ConceptArtist,Soyoong_소융 Class Description

Coloso Soyoong Conceptualizing Your Character: From Design to Illustration

Are you having a hard time
searching for ways to go beyond
an 'illustrator' and become a 'concept artist?'

You can learn how to express character themes,
how to make character drafts and sheets,
how to build portfolios, and more!

For everyone studying on their own,
we prepared concept artist Soyoong's
step-by-step curriculum,
an active videogame illustrator
and an instructor at PROPIC ACADEMY.

Coloso Soyoong Conceptualizing Your Character: From Design to Illustration

Artist Soyoong possesses both
artistic and instructional talent,
and from this class,

you can learn the fundamentals
solely focused on the field of concept art,
and also useful techniques
for making character designs,
roughs, illustrations, and even portfolios.

And based on the instructor's experience
working in the field and teaching students,
there are also tips on studying alone
and developing the right mindset!!

From devising concepts
and mastering art techniques,
do you want to become
one of the best concept artists?

Then check this active artist's
videogame concept artist curriculum
right now at Coloso.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
(Duration 14h 34m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

- Photoshop CC English Version

* You can also use any version of Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

More than 6 Class Materials

- Original PSD Files with Layer Information
- Roughs
- Study Materials
- PSD Files of the Final Illustrations
- Concept Proposal
- Metaperception Questionnaire

Concept Artist
Soyoong's Profile & Portfolio

Concept Artist

Hello, I am concept artist Soyoong.

I've built a career as a character concept artist
in a videogame company,
and I am now working as
a freelance concept artist
that streams, makes outsourced artwork,
and teach as an instructor

'Videogame Concept Artist'
It's a profession everybody would
once dream of if they like
playing games and drawing,
but it's so hard to get information
on how to actually join the industry.

I'll help you find the right way
to make attractive character designs,
and how to clearly express
the visual themes in your artwork.

Background images
Coloso Soyoong
Concept Artist,

Instructor at PROPIC ACADEMY
Freelance Concept Artist

Projects & Awards

2017 - 2019 netmarble Monster [Knights Chronicle]
2017 LINE Plus

[Participated Projects (Outsource)]
2021 Cydonia [Ash Arms Character Design, Character Art]
2021 TourDog Studio [Alchemy Stars Promotion Art]
2020 netmarble Nexus [Seven Knights Character Art]
2019 YOSTAR [Arknights Promotion Art]
2016 ATEAM [Three Kingdoms Smash!], ZEONIX [Fantasy Masters II]


15 Class Exercises

Step 01. Character Design Theory

Step 02. Creating & Refining Character
Concept Roughs

Step 03. Making a Character Sheet

Step 04. Painting a Character Illustration

Step 05. How to Study Painting on Your Own

클래스 특징

Class Highlights

Character Designs Emphasizing the Theme Effectively and Attractively

To effectively convey the theme, we'll learn how to use silhouettes, color contrast, and changing key points, and we'll immediately apply what we learned to have an easier and more entertaining approach to character designs.

Coloso Soyoong Introduction

How to Create Characters Sheet and Illustrations Portfolios

Revealing the practical know-how to portfolios only recognized by professionals! From the Why's to the How's, learn the techniques every professional artist should use to build solid portfolios.

Coloso Soyoong Introduction

Mental Control & Self-Study Methods to Survive as a Professional

Learn how to overcome the negative emotional states we easily encounter as we draw, such as burnout, slumps, fatigue, and jealousy. Master the right mindset to discipline yourself, study on your own, and become a professional artist.

Coloso Soyoong Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Student Reviews

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Orientation

01. Instructor Introduction & Orientation

  1. Instructor Introduction
  2. Why It's Important to Set Goals
  3. So, What is Our Goal?
SECTION 02. Before Making Character Designs

02. What is Concept Art?

  1. What is Concept Art?
  2. The Objectives of Concept Art
  3. How it's Different from Illustrations

03. Things You Should Consider for Designs 01

  1. Considering the Viewers
  2. Selecting the Visual Theme
  3. Why are Silhouettes Important?

04. Things You Should Consider for Designs 02

  1. Making Design Points
  2. Color Scheme Based on Intention
  3. Stylizing Based on Needs

05. Applying What We Learned to Paintings 01

  1. Silhouette & Stylization -1-
  2. Wait! The Strength and Flow of Designs
  3. Silhouette & Stylization -2-

06. Applying What We Learned to Paintings 02

  1. Express the Theme and Make Design Points
  2. Refining the Color Scheme
SECTION 03. Creating a Character Rough

07. Making a Character Rough and Various Drafts

  1. Why Do We Have to Make Multiple Drafts?
  2. How Nice should Roughs Look?
  3. How to Pick Effective Drafts

08. Design Variation and Stylizing

  1. What is Variation?
  2. What is Stylizing?
  3. Analyzing References and Applying Them to Designs

08-2. BONUS: Refining Character Designs

  1. Making Character Drafts
  2. Refining & Finalizing the Character Design
SECTION 04. Making a Character Sheet

09. Character Sheet Production Process

  1. It’s Easy to Make Character Sheets!
  2. What Do We Need in Character Sheets?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
SECTION 05. Painting a Character Illustration

10. Why We Make Character Illustrations

  1. Why We Make Character Illustrations
  2. Types and Effects of Illustrations

11. Making a Rough for an Illustration

  1. What is a Rough?
  2. What is Beauty?
  3. How to Infuse Beauty into Your Artwork

12. Selecting the Final Draft and Building Up the Design

  1. Select More-Effective Drafts
  2. Why We Need to Use References
  3. Use Simple Shapes to Check the Structure
  4. Find Optimal Forms and Lines
  5. Set the Lighting

13. How to Improve the Quality of the Illustration

  1. Adding, Removing, Adding, and Removing
  2. Find Key Points!
  3. Further Define Planes!
  4. Add More Light!
  5. Add Textures!
  6. Draw More Elements!
  7. Use Dots, Lines, and Planes!

14. Adding the Finishing Touches to the Illustration

  1. For a Better Painting, When Should We Stop?
  2. Check It Objectively at a Distance
  3. Less is More!

15. Making a VTuber

  1. What are VTubers?
  3. Pricing VTuber Model Art
SECTION 06. How to Study on Your Own

16. How to Study on Your Own 01

  1. Should We Always Have Fun Drawing?
  2. Why You Should 'Finish' Your Artwork
  3. Gesture Drawing! Don’t Do It Mindlessly

17. How to Study on Your Own 02

  1. Light! Don't Try To Perfectly Understand It
  2. Design Study
  3. Analyze the Basic Shapes in our Body
  4. Practice Brushstrokes and Textures
  5. Draw the Face at Every Angle

18. Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions 01

  1. Where Can We Get Ideas?
  2. Do I Have to Go to an Art School? When You’re at Critical Decision Points
  3. How Many Paintings Should I Include in a Portfolio, and What Kind of Paintings Should They Be?
  4. How Can I Get Outsourcing Projects? (How To Write Formal Email, How to Identify Scams)

19. Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions 02

  1. Burnout and Fatigue. Slump
  2. The Difference between Concept Artists and Illustrators, In-House and Freelance Artists
  3. Should I do Social Media?
  4. Separate What You Want and What You Must

20. Wrapping-up: What Kind of Artist Should We Become?

  1. Metaperception Questionnaire
  2. Painting Is Like a Marathon

with Concept Artist Soyoong

배경 이미지
Question. 01
Why did you center this class around 'videogame concept art?'

As I also went through being an aspiring artist and working as a character concept artist, I deeply acknowledge the lack of information about concept artists and character designs. Even after so much time has passed, nothing has changed. I wanted to share the knowledge I built up so far to help others have an easier time studying character design. From the basics of character design to who our target audience is and what we should show, I covered various useful topics. To better solidify your goal as a 'concept artist,' I designed this class to develop your skills one step at a time.

Question. 02
What makes your class stand out
from others?

It's the fact that I'm teaching everything I learned for the past 7 years as I worked as a concept artist so that you have an easier and more entertaining approach to the difficult field of character design. This class doesn't just act as a guide from a professional artist's perspective, but also teaches my unique study method I perfected through numerous 'trials and errors' and the right mindset to continue your career as a professional artist.

Question. 03
Do you have anything you would like
to say to your students?

Since the field of 'concept art' is so broad and there isn't a right answer, the level of improvement will greatly differ based on what your goal is. Instead of just thinking 'I want to draw better,' you should think 'I want to draw better "this way"' to have greater improvements. This class will make your vague goals more concrete, and it will guide you on what you should paint to achieve those goals. If you felt character designs are so frustrating and portfolios are so puzzling, you'll have more fun and ease in making them with this class.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.

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