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Illustrator,HyunkyuKim_김현규 Class Intro

Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art

Illustrator, Hyunkyu Kim
  • Basics
  • MaleCharacter
  • FigureDrawing
  • LineArt
  • ModernDrawing
  • AudioKOR
  • SubENG
  • Total 22 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from illustrator Hyunkyu Kim throughout 22 online classes.
  • Basic Level
    Requires a basic understanding of Photoshop.
    • Basic Level
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Illustrator,HyunkyuKim_김현규 Class Description

Class Intro
Illustrator, Hyunkyu Kim

Want to know how you can start drawing
your own charming male characters?

Get ready to learn everything you need to know,
starting from the basics of line drawing.

Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art

Throughout this class, you'll find out how to draw
male characters that fit different roles and concepts.
Then acquire the skills you need to add extra details,
like muscles, clothing folds, and accessories
that will help make your male characters unique.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 22 videos
(19h 21m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

3 Class exercises
Photoshop brushes
17 PSD files

Expert Illustrator Hyunkyu Kim's
Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art
Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Illustrating Male Characters with Perfect Line Art

Hyunkyu Kim

Hi, I'm Illustrator Hyunkyu Kim.

I have been working in the gaming industry
as a designer and taking on freelance work
in Korea and Japan for over 15 years.

In Japan, where they value perfect and complete line art,
I've developed the unique line art styles
for male characters seen in my illustrations and comics.

The necessity for well-drawn male characters
is rising to the surface in webtoons and cartoons.
I think it's a drawing skill that is needed in various fields.
And if you become comfortable drawing male characters,
your range could also improve.

I've been an illustrator for a long time
and during that time, I've encountered trials and errors,
often seeing thousands of failures
when creating just one piece of artwork.

I will share my experiences and failures
to help you reduce the number of mistakes
you experience while learning line art drawing skills.
So that you can succeed creating
more complete drawing within a shorter timeframe.

Background Images

9 Class Exercises

Part 01. Six Head Drawings By Concept

Learning about Tips and Techniques of Line Art which Differs by Concept

Part 02. Types of Figure Drawings

Learning the Characteristics of Male Features and Drawing Styles by Concept

Part 03. Complete the Illustration

Finishing Illustrations by Adding Base Colors and Midtones

*These are example images for better understanding.

Class Highlights

Acquire Key Drawing Skills
For Attractive Line Art

In order to help beginners easily learn Line Art, a skill that plays an important part in completing an illustration, I will teach effective Line Art skills such as correct line usage and shading using lines.

Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Introduction

Draw Modern Male Characters Seen in Various Genres

A modern male character that can be used in various ways such as webtoons and web novels! You can learn the aesthetic points of the human body and the unique striking lining method, and learn various skills using face drawing methods that suit each concept such as innocent guy, cynical guy, and macho guy.

Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Introduction

Draw Detailed Clothing Design, Patterns, and Creases

Learn how to design clothes that vary by each character's personality, and emphasize the characteristics using bracelets, sunglasses and necklaces, to grasp how to draw folds pertaining to each pattern.

Coloso Hyunkyu Kim Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Basics of Line Drawing

01. Lecture Overview and Basics of Drawing

  1. Introduction of the Instructor and the Direction of the Lecture
  2. Basic Use of Lines Using Spheres, Cones, Etc
  3. How to Make Light and Shade by Overlapping Lines
  4. Try Using Long, Soft Lines
  5. Common Mistakes in Drawing
  6. Drawing Subject Matters That You Are Interested In
SECTION 02. Drawing Male and Female Characters by Concept and Facial Features

02. Basics of Head Drawing

  1. How to Arrange Features
  2. Drawing Head from Different Angles
  3. Neck Movement and Subsequent Muscle Changes

03. Drawing Attractive Male Features 1

  1. Understand the Features of Innocent Guys and Gentle Guys
  2. Drawing Features Suitable for Each Face
  3. Intensive Analysis of Eyes and Nose
  4. Drawing the Hair Based on Each Concept

04. Drawing Attractive Male Features 2

  1. Understand the Characteristics of Cold-Hearted Guys and Bad Guys
  2. Drawing Features Suitable for Each Face
  3. Focus on the Mouth and Ears
  4. Drawing the Hair Based on Each Concept

05. Drawing Attractive Male Features 3

  1. Understanding Features of Macho Guy and Athletic Guy
  2. Drawing Features Suitable for Each Face
  3. Analyzing the Trapezius Muscles Connected to the Chin and Neck
  4. Drawing the Hair Based on Each Concept

06. Drawing Attractive Male Features 4

  1. Details of the Facial Bones
  2. How to Draw Facial Expressions
  3. How to Design a Casual Head
  4. Drawing Unique Heads Based on the Muscular Build
SECTION 03. Identifying and Drawing the Characteristics of Male Characters

07. Basic Drawing of Men’s and Women’s Full Body 1

  1. Adjusting the Telegraphic Proportion
  2. How to Shape the Foundation of the Skeleton in a Box
  3. The Difference between the Basic Skeleton and the Box Shape of the Male and Female Body

08. Basic Drawing of Men’s and Women’s Full Body 2

  1. Understanding the Muscle Structure
  2. Drawing Hands and Feet
  3. Body Deformé Representation

09. Intensive Male Body 1

  1. Innocent Guy: Regular Body Type with Moderate Muscles
  2. Cold-Hearted Guy: Slim Muscles
  3. Macho Guy: Overly Buff
  4. A Study on the Body Shape and Silhouette According to the Character’s Features and Concept
  5. A Bloodline Description That Makes a Male Character Attractive

10. Intensive Male Body 2

  1. Distortion and Change of Muscles According to the Poses
  2. How to Describe the Detailed Muscles

11. Drawing Various Poses

  1. Basic Full Body Poses
  2. A Pose That Focuses on the Upper Body

12. Various Angles and Compositions of Human Drawing

  1. Perspective
  2. Screen Configuration Method

13. A Study on Fit and Clothing Wrinkles

  1. Outfit Design That Fits the Character’s Personality
  2. How to Emphasize Characteristics with Accessories
  3. A Study on Patterns and Folds in Clothes
  4. A Study on the Design and Patterns in Outfits for the Character’s Personality
SECTION 04. Practicing Male Character Drawing Skills

14. Drawing Roughs for Illustrations

  1. Overall Cropping
  2. Carefree Posture Representations
  3. Screen Configuration Method

15. Line Drawing Basics 1

  1. Why Lines Look Unnatural
  2. How to Draw Soft, Natural Outlines
  3. Key Point To Bring the Line Come Alive
  4. Precautions in Outlining the Face

16. Line Drawing Basics 2

  1. Increasing Intensity with Line Art by Adding Line and Primary Shading at the Same Time
  2. Choosing a Suitable Brush for Each Drawing Style
  3. How to Use the Brush
  4. How to Emphasize the Line Texture
  5. A Study on the Different Pre-lining Styles

17. Light and Shadow

  1. Basic Light Settings
  2. Distinguishing Parts That Are Affected and Not Affected by Light
  3. Drawing Dots, Lines, and Planes
  4. Forming Lumps

18. Using the Features of the Brush to Create a Midtone

  1. Increasing the Density of Colors
SECTION 05. From the Beginning of Male Character Illustration to Visual Storytelling

19. From the Beginning to Completion of Male Character Illustration 1 - Sketch & Line Art

  1. Deciding a Character Concept
  2. Drawing Rough Sketches
  3. Completing the Line ArtWork with the Taste of the Line

20. From the Beginning to Completion of Male Character Illustration 2 - Brightness and Color

  1. Putting in the Base Color
  2. First, Try Shading
  3. Medium Tone

21. From the Beginning to the Completion of Male Character Illustration 3 - Finalize Correction

  1. Increasing Intensity
  2. Color Calibration and Finishing

22. Digging Out the Completed Illustration - Visual Storytelling

  1. How to Make Accessories That Stand Out for Male Characters: Sunglasses, Cigarette, Bracelets, Necklaces, Etc
  2. Background to Enhance the Volume of the Screen: Rain, Wind, Lightning, Neon Signs, Etc
  3. How to Produce Backlight in Characters
  4. How to Configure Portfolio
  5. Final Greetings

with Illustrator Hyunkyu Kim

Background Images
What Are Your Strengths
as an Illustrator?

I think my biggest strength is perfecting the natural expression of a character and creating attractive characters with line art. Another strength I have, is my ability to tell you the feeling behind every line. I look forward to sharing the tips I've learned for drawing attractive male characters thanks to my years of experience in Japan, where line art is considered a significant skill for an illustrator.

What Are the Key Points of This Class?

Based on my experience, the most common mistake is when the free expression of lines in the rough stage becomes unnatural and stiff during the process of drawing a line. I've prepared lectures on how to organize free lines in the rough drawing stage and show you how to deal with light and shade using lines.

What Did You Focus on When
Organizing the Curriculum?

I will strengthen your basic drawing skills to make learning "easy and fun," and teach you my own unique skills . It's not just about learning the skills, but the curriculum is organized to make sure it is applicable in various ways to help students develop their own unique drawings.

Who Do You Recommend This Class To?

Above all, my goal is to motivate and inspire you. I think it will be an opportunity to inspire those who want to build basic drawing skills, and illustrations based on line art, while also showing aspiring webtoon artists how to use lines.

Required Programs

This course will use Wacom Intuos and Adobe Photoshop CC. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.

Adobe Photoshop

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