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[Shortform]Illustrator,NickoFebriansyah Class Intro

Step-by-Step Guide to Creature Design

Illustrator, Nicko Febriansyah
  • CreatureDesign
  • Illustration
  • ClipStudioPaintPro
  • Basic
  • AudioENG
  • SubENG
  • Total 8 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Nicko Febriansyah throughout 8 online videos.
  • Basic Level
    Perfect for those with a basic proficiency in drawing who want to start learning creature design
    • Basic Level
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[Shortform]Illustrator,NickoFebriansyah Class Description

Illustrator, Nicko Febriansyah

Learn to design creative and well-balanced characters
by shadowing my methodical approach to character design.

Want to see how you could make your
design process simple, fast, and easy?

I'll provide a step-by-step guide for everything
including creating mood boards, drafting silhouettes,
sketching, inking, coloring, and lighting & shading.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 8 videos
(4h 35m)
Difficulty: Basics
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitle: English
(In Production)

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

- 4 working files
(including class working file)
- 4 Final Illustrations
- 3 speedpainting videos

Expert Illustrator
Nicko Febriansyah's Profile & Portfolio

Nicko Febriansyah

Hi! I'm Nicko Febriansyah,
but you might know me as "Nokoffee" on Instagram.
I am a freelance character designer
and I redesign well-known characters for fun.

I am known for my character illustrations,
and you might have seen my redesigns of characters
from Disney, Adventure Time, and Ben 10.
If you're wondering how I created designs like that,
you're in the right place!

In this class, you will learn all the basic skills
required to illustrate well-balanced characters
and even practice pushing your creative boundaries.
I will show you how to practice problem-solving skills
to make this seemingly difficult process
simple, fast, and easy.

background Image
Coloso Nicko Febriansyah
Nicko Febriansyah

Freelance Character Designer & Illustrator

Projects & Awards

Character Redesign Project
"Peace Was Never an Option"


Class Highlights

Ideas for Problem Solving

Guess what needs to be done first when designing characters. Yep, problem solving! Basically, we're going to break down the ideas and story of your character to better understand the most vital aspects before jumping into the design part of the process.

Coloso Nicko Febriansyah Introduction

Solution to Creation

After gathering all the data, we will start the fun part! We will create your character design based on the data we've gathered. This includes everything from creating a fun silhouette to a final design.

Coloso Nicko Febriansyah Introduction

Colors for Details

This will be an important step for adding personality to the character we are creating! We will be selecting then applying the best colors, lighting, and touch-ups. The colors will help represent the ideas and story you've intended for your character setup.

Coloso Nicko Febriansyah Introduction

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In-depth Look


1. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software programs
SECTION 02. Pre-Design

2. Problem-Solving Ideas

  1. Generating a story and ideas for a character
  2. Breaking down character ideas into keywords
  3. Searching references from the important keywords
  4. Compiling references together
  5. Making a list of the character's strengths and weaknesses
  6. Pinpointing references for the focal point of a character
SECTION 03. Solution to Creation

3. Different Composition Guides

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Center composition
  3. Golden ratio

4. Frames and Orientation

  1. Vertical and horizontal frames
  2. Edges and borders
  3. Ways to frame your drawings

5. Perspective is simpler than you think!

  1. What is eye level
  2. What is a vanishing point
  3. Determine the perspective lines
  4. Finding the right perspective for your drawing

6. Perspective Variations

  1. Multiple"point" perspectives
  2. Vertical angles
  3. Field of view: wide-angle or telephoto?
SECTION 04. Layout

7. Creating Space

  1. Zigzag arrangement
  2. Three-layer composition
  3. Overlaps and obstruction

8. How to Utilize Perspective When Creating an Illustration

  1. How to use perspective grids in Photoshop
  2. How to use perspective grids in Procreate
  3. When to obey/defy perspective rules

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6 Class Exercises

with Expert Illustrator
Nicko Febriansyah

background Image
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

From what I've seen on social media, numerous character artists, especially new ones, have trouble balancing out their character illustrations. Many tend to overcomplicate their character design making the balance break even more. Noticing this is what drove me to choose this class topic in particular. After continued practice, I've learned how to tackle this challenge and have even adapted a good working process to make this fast and easy. I am ready to share my one, simple method to help other artists create a balanced design.

What makes your class different
from other classes?

In this class, I will not be going over too much theory. I'm going to introduce a more practical, faster, and logical approach to help character artists understand how I create balanced character designs. Understanding my method and practicing it alongside my exercises will help make this process simple, fast, and easy.

What would be the most important takeaway from your class?

The most important takeaway from my class would be the new mindset and approach to drafting character designs. I will help character artists understand the importance of methodical design and encourage them to adopt different mindsets when planning, sketching and coloring their ideas. The methodical method is not only simple but also fun as it will help bring the artists' creativity to another level.

Required Programs

This course will use Clip Studio Paint Pro.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

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