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Illustrator,R00H Class Intro

Drawing Charming Male Character Portraits

Illustrator, R00H
  • Illustration
  • CharacterArt
  • MaleCharacters
  • Portraits
  • Photoshop
  • ClipStudioPaint
  • AudENG
  • SubENG
  • Total 25 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator R00H throughout 25 online videos.
  • Basic Level
    Requires a basic understanding of Photoshop
    • Basic Level
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Illustrator,R00H Class Description

Coloso R00H Drawing Male Characters with Extra Charm

"Make each character stand out
by setting a clear direction
for their unique and expressive look."

Want to add some extra charm
to your male character drawings?

Master the fundamentals
of drawing stylized male characters
by understanding the complete breakdown
of the male face & body.

You'll also get insider tips
on how to effectively plan out your illustrations,
create ideal character sketches,
run color tests, and utilize several
line art & coloring techniques.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 25 videos
(Duration 13h 09m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitles: English
(In Production)

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop (minimum CS5)
Clip Studio Paint

Only one of the programs above is needed but both are used by R00H during this class.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

6 Fundamental class exercises
2 Completed portraits
PSD + CSP files of final work
Texture brushes

Expert Illustrator
R00H's Profile & Portfolio


Hi, my name is R00H a.k.a minrooh
and I am a freelance artist from Costa Rica.
I spend most of my time creating
digital illustrations of stylized male characters
with backgrounds inspired by
traditional East-Asian art.

If you were to look through my website
or social media channels,
you would see I’m a big fan of Genshin Impact
and a lot of my work takes inspiration
from that as well.

As a self-taught artist, I have experimented with
many different drawing methods and illustration styles.
Through a long process of trial and error,
I have discovered not only a style of my own
but also beneficial skills and tips
for drawing charming illustrations.

Although I have drawn for most of my life,
I am constantly seeking ways to learn and improve.
I often interact with other artists,
get inspired by their process,
and find ways to explore methods
I have never tried before.

I would love for you to join me on my learning journey
by trying out the tips & skills that
I have learned over time.
You will have more freedom
in your creative process and improve faster!

Background Images
 Coloso R00H

Freelance illustrator (2016 - Present)

Projects & Awards

Graphic designer (2011 - 2016)


6 Class Exercises

Complete 2 Portraits

Class Highlights

Understand Basic Proportions of the Face & Body

Proportions make all the difference in how your characters look. Learn how to set up proportions for the face & body of your characters to make them look more realistic & attractive.

Coloso R00H Introduction

Learn To Plan Out Illustrations from Sketches to Color Tests

Discover the importance of having a clear idea and direction in the initial stages of your illustration to save time. I will show you how to breakdown your sketches, line art, and coloring into multiple steps!

Coloso Hicham Habchi Introduction

Practice Lineart and Coloring Techniques To Create Complete Illustrations

Understand the step-by-step process behind developing lines from sketches. You'll take on different approaches to coloring by practicing grayscale, flat, and rendering techniques.

Coloso Hicham Habchi Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Introduction

01. Introduction

  1. Introduction to R00H
  2. Summary of R00H’s overall working process
  3. Overview of the class
SECTION 02. Practicing the Fundamentals

02. Introduction to Photoshop

  1. Introducing basic tools
  2. Navigating through the must-know functions
  3. Setting up useful keyboard shortcuts

03. Introduction to Clip Studio Paint

  1. Introducing basic tools
  2. Navigating through the must-know functions
  3. Setting up useful keyboard shortcuts

04. Simplifying the Male Upper Body with Shape Language

  1. Breaking down the upper body into simple shapes
  2. Defining basic male upper body proportions
  3. Applying simplification for different angles

05. Simplifying the Male Face with Shape Language

  1. Breaking down facial features into simple shapes
  2. Defining basic male face proportions
  3. Applying simplification for different angles

06. Drawing Facial Features & Expressions

  1. Understanding the face shape, eyes, nose, and mouth of male characters
  2. Practicing common facial expressions
  3. Shaping and deforming a facial structure based on angles & expressions

07. Drawing Various Hairstyles

  1. Understanding head shape & hair chunks
  2. Exploring different hairstyles

08. Same Face Syndrome

  1. Learning how to avoid same face syndrome
  2. Modifying the face shape and facial features to make a new look
SECTION 03. Inspirations & Ideas

09. References & Mood Boards

  1. Where and how to find references
  2. Getting inspiration from references
  3. How to set up mood boards
  4. Understanding the basic color theory to set color palettes

10. Styling Clothes

  1. Understanding male fashion trends
  2. Styling tops for male characters
  3. Setting a character's image through clothes
  4. Adding bits of oriental elements

11. Styling Accessories & Props

  1. Understanding male fashion trends
  2. Styling accessories & props for male characters
  3. Setting up a character's image through outfit details
  4. Adding East-Asian elements

12. Designing Simple But Creative Backgrounds

  1. Designing simple but creative backgrounds to make your illustration stand out
SECTION 04. Sketching & Line art

13. Creating Initial Sketches

  1. Creating loose sketches of shapes and curves as a beginning point
  2. Practicing how to focus on the big picture
  3. Developing loose sketches into detailed sketches

14. Developing Sketches into Line Art

  1. How to add dynamism to line art
  2. Practicing different line weights
  3. Adding layer effects to the lines to give them more presence
SECTION 05. Color

15. Gradients and Color Wheel Tricks

  1. Understanding the color wheel and basic color theory
  2. Learning how to make harmonious color combinations
  3. Taking advantage of gradients

16. Color Testing

  1. Applying basic color theory to your line art
  2. Learning the basics of making color choices

17. Coloring: Flat color

  1. Completing the first final piece using the flat coloring method

18. Flat Color + Render Combination

  1. Rendering the flat color piece to give it a more professional finish even if it is not full color

19. Learning How To Use Different Brushes

  1. Practicing how to use brushes with and without texture to express different styles

20. Coloring: Grey Scale

  1. Completing the second final piece with using the full coloring method: Part 1
  2. Understanding basic lights & shadows
  3. Understanding how to render in grayscale

21. Coloring: Rendered

  1. Completing the grey scale piece with the full coloring method: Part 2
  2. Learning how to use layers to add colors
SECTION 06. Final Details

22. Adding Layer Effects for Final Details

  1. Adding layer effects on Photoshop to finish setting up the illustration

23. Liquifying Final Details on Photoshop

  1. Learning how to liquify on Photoshop to correct the last details quickly and easily

24. Exporting for Prints and Digital Files

  1. Exporting files for different purposes
SECTION 07. Final Thoughts from R00H

25. Sharing My Experience as an Illustrator

  1. Summary of the class
  2. Challenges I've experienced & how I overcame them
  3. Working as a freelancer
  4. My experience creating this class

with Illustrator R00H

background images
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

Illustrating characters, especially stylized male characters, is what I feel the most comfortable and confident drawing. It's also the topic that I find to be the most visually appealing.

What makes your class different from other classes?

This class is for anyone, from beginner to advanced, who wants to learn more about my approach to drawing stylized characters. In my class, they will be able to learn the tricks to drawing attractive male characters.

What are some "go-to" or "must-have" tools in your industry, and why?

Nowadays, it's easier than ever to acquire a digital tablet for drawing. I think an iPad or tablet with a screen is now a must have tool for artists. The iPad is very convenient in many ways, so you don't have to worry about having a computer. It is similar to carrying a pen and paper, and a screen tablet is easier to adapt to since you can draw or paint directly on the screen. You do not need to get used to moving your hand while looking at your computer screen. The feel that iPad and some other tablets offer is very similar to paper, but for other digital drawing devices you must connect to a computer to be able to use them.

What do you think is the most important trait(s) to success in your industry?

I usually start with an idea or an inspiration I encounter in my daily life. Then, when I'm ready, I make a rough sketch in a traditional or digital format. If I do it traditionally, I take a photo that serves as the base for the next step. If I do it directly on a digital device, this step can be skipped. There's no need to worry about the details during the idea phase, as this is just a rough sketch. Next, I move on to making a cleaner sketch, which is where I start to add the details to get a better vision of what I'm going to do and then I perform color tests. I continue with line art and then add color. Lastly, I incorporate layer effects, edit the details that need improvement, and complete my illustration.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop and/or Clip Studio Paint.

*R00H will be using both but the users don’t need both to take the class.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop Clip Studio Paint

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