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Illustrator Miacat Class Intro

Fairytale-Style Character Design

Illustrator, Miacat
  • ConceptDrawing
  • Expressions
  • UniqueCharacters
  • CharacterDesign
  • AudioKOR
  • SubENG
  • Total 22 videos
    Get 22 classes worth of exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Miacat.
  • Intermediate Level
    Requires a basic understanding of Photoshop.
    • Intermediate Level
    • USD 192.00 USD 700.00 72% off

Illustrator Miacat Class Description

Class Intro
Illustrator, Miacat

“Learn fairytale-style character design
and expand your skillset"

Coloso Miacat Fairytale-Style Character Design

Have you ever wondered if you could draw
characters from the animations
that you have watched?
Stop wondering and start drawing!

With this class, you will learn
not only how to create dreamy
fairytale-style characters,
but also how to create characters
with your own personal touch,
and produce illustrations that tell a story.

These lessons encompass
fundamental theories,
fairytale character stylization,
and character colorization.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 22 videos (14h 19m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

1 Practice exercise
69 Image files

Miacat's Profile & Portfolio


Hi, I'm Miacat, a freelance illustrator.

I used to work for a game studio for many years.
Then I became interested in fairytale-style illustrations
and started doing fairytale-style character design.

I'm currently working as a freelance illustrator in Korea.
Most of my clients are from the North American market.
I teach at Arteum Academy
while working on my personal projects.

With the tips and tricks I picked up while I self-taught
fairytale-style illustration, and with my work
and teaching experience, I'm sure everyone
interested in fairytale-style illustration
and character design can learn character stylization
and the character design process.

Background Images
Coloso Miacat

Freelance Illustrator
Lecturer at Ateum Academy

Projects & Awards

2012-2015 INAPPIN
2015 Wemade
2016-2017 Fingermagic

Flaming Heart: Being Filled with Falling Light - Album cover (2013)
Published Handbook for Fairytale-Style Illustrations (2016)
Won first place in The Sixth Naver Web Animation Challenge (2016)
Riot Korea - League of Legends collaboration artist (2017)
Mattel - Doll Design (2017)
Secret House - Game Character Design and Illustration (2018)
Published Miacat's Character Drawing (2019)
Comic-con Seoul - Collaboration Artist (2019)
Iconix's Pororo - Concept Art (2019)
Riot Korea - League of Legends 10-year anniversary illustration (2019)
Participated in LightBox Expo (2019)
Hyundai Media - VR Project Character Design (2019)
Dreamworks TV - Character Design (2020)
Riot Korea - League of Legends KDA Collaboration Artist (2020)


Student Reviews

Create a Complete
Fairytale-Style Character

Miacat Class Exercises

Body Proportion (Full Body)

Miacat Class Exercises

Body Proportion (head)

Miacat Class Exercises

Body Movement

Miacat Class Exercises

Character Stylization
(Body Type)

Miacat Class Exercises

Character Stylization (Head)

Miacat Class Exercises


Miacat Class Exercises


Miacat Class Exercises

Facial Expressions

Miacat Class Exercises

Character Design

Miacat Class Exercises

Create Your Own Character

Miacat Class Exercises

Character Background

Miacat Class Exercises

Character Sheet

Class Highlights

Create Your Own Animated Characters With a Fairytale-Style

Learn how to create fairytale-style characters with expressive eyes and unique facial features! This class gives you step-by-step guidelines on body proportions, facial angles, drawing fundamentals and real-life applications.

Coloso Miacat Introduction

Character Stylization Basics and Its Application In Character Drawing

Other than outfit design, character stylization is another important component in expressing your characters' personalities. Learn not only full-body character stylization by body types, but also learn how to describe diverse facial features and expression through this class and design your own characters.

Coloso Miacat Introduction

Design Your Very Own Character

Design your own unique characters by learning how to research references and choose the right facial features, poses, and colors. This class will teach you how to actually realize the character design you had in mind.

Coloso Miacat Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

*The images are sample images to help students understand the class.

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Intro

01. Orientation

  1. Illustrator introduction
  2. Class introduction
  3. Out of the box teaching method
  4. An approach for enhanced drawing skills
SECTION 02. Fundamentals of Fairytale-Style Character Design

02. Body Proportions - Full Body

  1. 8-head body proportions
  2. Body proportions from the front
  3. Body proportions from the side
  4. Distorted proportions
  5. Calculate proportions for consistent results

03. Body Proportions - Head

  1. Structure of the head
  2. Head from the front and the side
  3. 3-Dimensional head
  4. Drawing order

04. Body Movement

  1. Big movements and small movements
  2. Analyze body movement
  3. Sketch order based on movements

05. Croquis

  1. The why and how of Croquis
  2. Why use pencils
  3. Croquis process
  4. Application while drawing
SECTION 03. Fundamentals of Fairytale-Style Character Design and Application

06. Character Stylization - Body Types

  1. Character stylization of various body types
  2. Types of character stylization
  3. Heavyset body type
  4. Slender body type
  5. Skinny body type

07. Character Stylization - Head

  1. Build different types of faces by combining geometric shapes
  2. What is a Face Puzzle
  3. Why use a Face Puzzle
  4. How to use a Face Puzzle

08. Characterization Based on Photos

  1. Identify characteristic features
  2. Characterization using photos
SECTION 04. Face, the Soul of a Character

09. Character Head From Different Angles

  1. Draw character heads from different angles
  2. Synchronize drawings of heads from the front and the side
  3. Draw heads from a 3D perspective

10. Hairstyles

  1. The flow of hair and rules for drawing
  2. How to draw natural-looking hair
  3. Why your hair drawing looks unnatural

11. Character Expressions

  1. Characters with different expressions
  2. Characteristics of five main emotions
  3. Intensity and combinations of emotions
  4. Describe emotions with three-dimensional faces
SECTION 05. Create Your Own Characters!

12. Character Conceptualization and Design

  1. Why character conceptualization is important
  2. What factors make conceptualization easy
  3. What factors make conceptualization difficult
  4. Design a character with simple information

13. Character Silhouette

  1. Why silhouette is important for character design
  2. Create silhouette based on character information
  3. Add accessories with layers

14. Character Design - Black and White Balance

  1. What is B/W value
  2. Create different versions of black-and-white drafts
  3. Large and small area design

15. Character Design - Key Color Design

  1. Impressions of different colors
  2. Utilize colors that fit the character
  3. Importance of color arrangement

16. Character Poses and Gestures

  1. Difference between natural and awkward poses
  2. Add perspective

17. Character Poses

  1. Importance of character poses
  2. Character poses that match the context
  3. The necessity of different versions
  4. Final touchup

18. Character Colorization

  1. Finish the character with colorization
  2. Examples of different colorization styles
  3. Difference between borderless coloring and lined coloring
  4. Pick the colorization style and finish the drawing
  5. How to organize layers
SECTION 06. Add Backgrounds for Characters

19. Add Backgrounds for Characters

  1. Examples of simple and quick backgrounds
  2. Match character lighting on photos
  3. Fill out background based on character information
SECTION 07. Character Sheets: Understanding Characters From a 3D Perspective

20. Make Character Sheets - Full Body

  1. Make character sheets for designed characters
  2. Sheets for full body figures
  3. Sheets for before and after adding outfits

21. Make Character Sheets - Head and Expressions

  1. Make sheets for heads
  2. Build different expressions

22. Finish Character Sheets

  1. Character sheet examples from artbooks
  2. Touch up your character sheets

with Illustrator Miacat

Background Images
What Makes This Class Special?

This class focuses on fairytale-style drawings. There are different styles: cartoon, realistic, anime, fairytale, etc. The fairytale and anime styles are the most popular of them all. The fairytale-style might look easy, but it actually requires a very solid foundation. This class provides a step-by-step guidance for beginners interested in learning fairytale-style designs.

What Will the Students Learn From Taking This Class?

People often forget about their goals when designing characters. That would mess up their process and they would start drawing by rote. The class aims to simplify the character design process by boldly eliminating the unnecessary steps and by teaching the student the most efficient approach.

Who Should Take This Class?

I'd recommend this class to people who want to try different styles of characters or create their own unique personas. Many find it difficult to try out new styles of character design and often stick to their old ways. The class will teach you the fundamentals and conceptualization of fairytale-style character design so you could create your own unique characters.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC. Please purchase and install the latest versions of the programs for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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