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[Shortform]GraphicDesigner,JasminChavez Class Intro

Creating Expressive Typography with a Clever Twist

Graphic Designer, Jasmin Chavez
  • GraphicDesign
  • DesignLayout
  • Typography
  • AdobeCC
  • Procreate
  • AudioENG
  • Total 13 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Graphic Designer Jasmin Chavez throughout 13 online videos.
  • Beginner Level
    Perfect for those with a beginner proficiency in graphic design who want to start learning typography.
    • Beginner Level
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[Shortform]GraphicDesigner,JasminChavez Class Description

Graphic Designer, Jasmin Chavez

"Go beyond the mainstream typography resources
that treat type as merely a supplement
to the bigger picture."

This class encourages the process behind
finding inspiration from nature, everyday objects,
and feelings: placing a greater emphasis
on adding a unique personality to your letters.

You'll learn everything from typography basics
to their application in motif, modifying type,
and freehand techniques.
Then we'll cover moodboards, type legibility,
poster creation, and more!


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 13 videos
Difficulty: Beginner
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: English

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Software Required

Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Photoshop CC

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Exercise sheets
Class PDF files
Class working files

Expert Graphic Designer
Jasmin Chavez's Profile & Portfolio

Jasmin Chavez
Graphic Designer

My name is Jasmin
and I go by kool.type on Instagram.

I graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts
with a diploma in Design Communication.
I am currently a full-time freelance
graphic designer and visual artist
based in Singapore. I am known for my
bright color palettes, gritty vintage textures,
and experimental poster layouts.

Over the course of my design journey,
I have expanded my creative learning
to digital illustration, 3D design,
experimental image treatment methods,
and collage work. I ultimately
found a deeper appreciation
for custom typography and lettering.

I have a deep fascination for all things typography
and like to get lost in producing
multiple iterations of a design.
These skills have led me to work
with notable clients such as Adobe,
It’s Nice That, WeTransfer, and Soho House.

Throughout my class, I will introduce you
to the fascinating world of typography
and help you explore and experiment with it.

background Image
Coloso Jasmin Chavez
Graphic Designer
Jasmin Chavez

Freelance Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

Projects & Awards

Adobe – Global Creators
It's Nice That – International Women's Day
Soho House – International Women's Day
WeTransfer – Manifesto for Parley for the Oceans
Risen Festival – Branding & Visual Identity

It's Nice That
AIGA Eye on Design
PRINT Magazine
Brand Magazine

Singapore Art Book Fair 2022


Class Highlights

Creating Typography
from Scratch

Learn how to create unique motifs, with organic and geometric shapes. These motifs will act as the basis for making our typeface.

Coloso Jasmin Chavez Introduction

Customizing Existing Typefaces

Master the pen tool in illustrator and learn how to tweak your existing typefaces. Then, find out how to create custom ligatures and add swashes to your type.

Coloso Jasmin Chavez Introduction

Creating a Type System

Learn how to keep the visual identity of the type consistent. It is vital for letters to be easily distinguishable from one another.

Coloso Jasmin Chavez Introduction

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In-depth Look


1. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Type & Design

2. Intro to Typography

  1. Typography overview
  2. Understanding sans serif, serif, ligatures, and glyphs

3. Design Principles

  1. Understanding design principles
  2. Applying principles to different types

4. Work & Inspiration

  1. Type examples from past work
  2. Personal inspiration
SECTION 03. Playing with Type

5. Exercise 1: Motifs Technique

  1. Creating letters with 2-3 unique shapes
  2. Exercise: creating a word with the shape technique

6. Exercise 2: Modifying Type

  1. How to customize serifs
  2. Creating unique ligatures
  3. How to customize sans serifs
  4. Exercise: creating a word with the custom type technique

7. Exercise 3: Freehand Type

  1. Inspiration from nature
  2. Type with anthropomorphic qualities (rotoscope)
  3. Exercise: creating a word with the freehand technique
SECTION 04. Breaking the Rules

8. Legibility Discourse

  1. Covering examples of legible vs. illegible type
  2. Treating type as shapes
  3. Examples of how other artists play with type

9. Experimental Type Resources

  1. Gathering inspiration from various type resources
SECTION 05. Creating the Type

10. Planning

  1. Deciding on a word/copy
  2. Creating a moodboard

11. Sketching

  1. Different placements of type
  2. Different thicknesses
  3. Different styles
  4. How to add serifs

12. Vectorizing

  1. Bringing sketches to life
  2. Mastering the pen tool in illustrator
  3. Tracing sketches
  4. Refining and making adjustments

13. Presenting Your Type

  1. Creating a poster out of the type
  2. Layout
  3. Details
  4. Presenting the type

** The curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

4 Class Exercises

Coloso Jasmin Chavez Exercises

Type Poster Design

With Expert Graphic Designer
Jasmin Chavez

background Image
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

On top of my passion for letters, typography is, at its essence, a very straightforward medium. Anyone who can read or write has their own preconceived notion of what type is to them, and that notion offers someone unlimited interpretations to create them. As a type enthusiast, I’ve found that many mainstream typography resources are safe and outdated, treating type as merely a supplement to the bigger picture. Other tutorials typically go further into details about the anatomy of a typeface but gloss over how to be expressive with typography. My class encourages the process behind finding inspiration from nature, everyday objects, and feelings, placing a greater emphasis on adding a unique personality to your letters.

Could you please share how you started your journey in the industry?

I graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a diploma in Design Communication at the beginning of the pandemic. Of course, it wasn’t a unique challenge back then. At the time, I felt job hunting would never lead me anywhere, so I resorted to marketing myself online. I started posting my work on Instagram under @kool.type, and I was really fortunate to see it catch traction. People started noticing my style, and soon after, I received commissions to do album artwork, logo designs, and eventually, big projects like brand identity work. It’s already been close to three years since I began freelancing full-time!

Please share your thoughts on the industry's job market and what you see in the industry's future.

I feel that the job market is competitive at the moment (at least it seems to be in Singapore); However, I have noticed that this generation of creatives is also more committed to finding their voice, with a talent for separating commercial from personal art. Since the internet and social media have become more accessible over time, more artists and designers can market themselves in their own ways and gather a niche audience willing to support them. I think it is beautiful seeing a diverse range of styles getting much-deserved recognition, and it is a huge step toward challenging the "starving artist" narrative.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Illustrator CC,
Adobe Photoshop CC, and Procreate.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an
optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

adobe Photoshop cc Adobe Illustrator CC Procreate

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