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BeautyCreator,PONY_포니 Class Intro

PONY’s Guide to the Best Makeup for Your Facial Features

Beauty Creator, PONY
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  • Total 13 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Beauty Creator PONY throughout 13 online classes.
  • Beginner Level
    This class is perfect for beginners to makeup!
    • Beginner Level
    • Coming Mar 9 at 18:00 (PST)
    • Feb 3 (PST) Special offer ends soon.
    • USD 160.00 USD 380.00 57% off

BeautyCreator,PONY_포니 Class Description

For the first time ever, we're bringing you
an online class from PONY. A beauty YouTuber
with over 5.94 million subscribers!

뷰티 크리에이터 포니 이미지

Do you feel like you experience
a "makeup fail" even when you're following
a tutorial and using all the same products?

It's not just a matter of using the right hand technique.
Korea's Top 50-rated Global Beauty Creator
and YouTuber PONY from PONY Syndrome,
is ready to guide you through applying
the best makeup looks for you.

뷰티 크리에이터 포니 이미지

Learn how to do makeup that perfectly
matches your face without having to pay
for expensive 1:1 consultations.
You'll also get a breakdown of PONY's
secret tips for K-pop Idol makeup.

This class covers the fundamentals
and offers helpful makeup skills for any occasion
—all in an easy and fun-to-learn way!



Length:13 videos
Difficulty: Beginner
Unlimited views

Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English


List of all the products
used throughout the class

Class Recommendation

Who Should Take This Class?

Beginners to makeup
& Late starters to makeup

Those who want to change up
or diversify their makeup style

Makeup lovers who want to learn
all of PONY's beauty, skincare,
and Korean Idol makeup tips

연사 소개

Beauty Creator

Hi everyone, this is PONY!
I'm known for my makeup & beauty
YouTube channel, "PONY syndrome."

I started my blog to help others find
the best way to express themselves with makeup.
Thanks to the love & support I received for my channel,
I was able to go on and publish books about makeup,
and continue sharing makeup tips on YouTube
to people around the world.

One thing's for sure, makeup is all about technique!
Even if you use the same products as someone else,
the results change based on how you apply it.
You can get even better results
by trying out diverse colors
that go beyond a product's typical use.

During this class, I'll be sharing all the most helpful
beauty techniques I've learned
throughout my experience.

I hope this class can help many of you
who still feel awkward
when it comes to applying makeup.

배경 이미지
Beauty Creator,

Beauty Creator for YouTube Channel PONY Syndrome

Makeup Artist for CL & JEON SOMI

Projects & Awards

Ranked Korea’s Top 50 Beauty Youtuber
Makeup Director at L'oreal Paris

PONY’s Style Makeup Book - 2014
PONY’s Celeb Makeup Book - 2012
PONY’s Special Makeup Book - 2011
PONY’s Secret Makeup Book - 2010

Korea Youth Hope Awards 2022 - Influencer Category Winner
Premium Brand Index 2020 - #1 in the Beauty Content Category
Forbes 2017 - Asia’s 30 Most Influential People under 30 in the Arts Category
Brand of the Year Award 2017 - Beauty Creator of the Year

클래스 특징

Class Highlights

Find Your Perfect Makeup Look

There's no better way to change up your look than makeup. Find out which makeup suits you, how to smooth out your skin, and accentuate your best features for a flawless finish. When you're done you'll be able to apply any makeup style in a way that fits you.

콜로소 포니 강의 소개

A Detailed Guide to Every Part
of the Makeup Process

New to makeup? No worries! We're going to make things easy with detailed insights for every part of the process: from skincare to base makeup, contouring, eye makeup, lip makeup, blush, and more.

콜로소 포니 강의 소개

Natural Everyday Makeup
& K-pop Idol Makeup Techniques

Get an inside look at achieving that everyday natural makeup look—perfect for students and office workers! I'll also give you an extra special look at applying K-Idol makeup for those days when you want to go all out.

콜로소 포니 강의 소개

Class Details
You'll Learn

*These are sample images for better understanding.

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This special offer ends soon.
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background Images

In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Base Makeup

01. Base Makeup

  1. How to apply color correcting makeup
  2. Understand & select base makeup products
  3. How to apply cushion foundations
  4. How to apply liquid foundations

02. Choosing & Applying the Right Concealer

  1. Choose the right type of concealer for your skin
  2. How to apply cream/liquid/stick type concealer
  3. How to apply each type of concealer
SECTION 02. Find the Best Makeup for Your Face

03. Eyebrow Makeup

  1. Understand the eyebrow structure
  2. How to create straight/soft arch/steep arch eyebrows
  3. TIP. Find the best eyebrows for each makeup look

04. Contouring Based on Face Shapes

  1. Color/product selection for face line and facial features
  2. How to contour long/square/round face and double chin
  3. Define facial features (Nose/lip)

05. How to Apply Eye Shadows

  1. Get ready (Powder/primer)
  2. Better shadow texture for each area/eye shape
  3. Recommended brush types
  4. Eyeshadow applying basics
  5. How to apply stick/powder-type eye shadows
  6. Pearl shadow tips by particle size
  7. TIP. Maximize the color power of your eyeshadow

06. How to Apply Eyeliner

  1. How to select a product for your eye type & needs(Shadow/pencil/gel/liquid)
  2. How to apply eyeliner to the three sections of your eyes
  3. TIP. Find out how to use under-eye eyeliner to make your eyes pop

07. Guide to Fake Eyelashes

  1. Fake eyelash types and selection
  2. Materials for individual/strip/heavy fake eyelashes
  3. Prep and adherence techniques for each type
  4. Length and angle tips for the desired look
  5. TIP. Fire eyelash curling & mascara tips for a perfect finish

08. Blush Insights

  1. How to choose a blush texture that matches your base makeup
  2. How to apply powder-type blusher
  3. Brush recommendations
  4. How to apply stick/liquid type blusher

09. Applying Lip Colors

  1. How to choose the best lip color
  2. Match your skin brightness (light/neutral/dark)
SECTION 03. PONY’s Insights

10. Skincare Insights

  1. Balance your skin oil & moisture levels
  2. How to apply skincare products
  3. Intro to skincare application by product
  4. How to manage dead skin by skin type
  5. How to choose the right sunscreen

11. Makeup Correction Insights

  1. Makeup correction with powder
  2. Makeup correction without powder
SECTION 04. PONY's Makeup Tutorial

12. Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Daily makeup insights for students & office workers

13. K-Pop Idol Makeup Tutorial

  1. Which points to highlight for Idol makeup
  2. How to easily apply Idol makeup

Interview with
Beauty Creator, PONY

배경 이미지
What are the key points
of this class?

You can create different makeup looks with the products you already have—it's all about how you implement it! I want to show you how to get any makeup look you desire by understanding how to use each product and executing different styles. During this class, I'll be sharing some of my secret tips for the first time: not only for everyday makeup but also for stunning K-Idol makeup.

What inspired you to create
in this class?

I always hear how it often feels like applying makeup never gets easier or how it feels awkward on your face, even with some of the products I've introduced. That often happens because of differences in face shape, eyes, and unbalanced color proportions that lead to heavier makeup. I want to show you how to apply just the right amount of color and color combinations. This will help you always achieve a makeup look that works for you.

What do you think students
will gain from this class?

Even if you copy someone else's makeup routine, it often feels awkward or like "too much" because you don't know your own face. Makeup should be worn differently depending on eye shape, face shape, eyebrows, and skin tones, so it is very important to understand your own features. You can learn how to apply makeup that suits the complexities of your face. Find out how to handle the parts you want to emphasize and parts you want to hide: I give you an in-depth look at how to work on different facial features from face shape to base, eyes, cheekbone, and lip makeup.

This course will open on March 09, 2023 (PST)
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