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[Shortform]Illustrator,EriCruz Class Intro

Line Art Techniques for Aesthetic Character Portraits

Illustrator, Eri Cruz
  • Illustration
  • CharacterPortrait
  • LineArt
  • Hair
  • Photoshop
  • Beginner
  • AudioENG
  • Total 7 videos
    Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Eri Cruz throughout 7 online videos.
  • Beginner Level
    Perfect for those with a beginner proficiency in drawing who want to start learning delicate line art techniques.
    • Beginner Level
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[Shortform]Illustrator,EriCruz Class Description

Illustrator, Eri Cruz

Dive into Illustrator Eri Cruz's work
and learn to create
a stunning character portrait!

Eri shares a variety of line art techniques
that'll help you successfully create characters
with an aesthetic look.

This class also includes other key skills
like simple anatomy, composition, expressions,
hair styling, coloring, and more
to enhance your delicate line art skills.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 7 videos
(3h 37m)
Difficulty: Beginner
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

5 Working PSD Files
Final Illustration

Expert Illustrator
Eri Cruz's Profile & Portfolio

Eri Cruz

Hello! My name is Eri Cruz.
I am a self-taught freelance illustrator
and I have been working in this industry
professionally for the past 6 years.

Capturing the subtle moments and intense emotions
people experience in their day-to-day life
has always been something that I love.
That's why illustrating the emotional nuances
of an otherwise dull, monotonous life
is a key theme you'll see across my art.

My main aesthetic is my line art,
especially when it comes to drawing hair.
However, I am also known for my coloring style,
which adds a fun, vintage vibe to my work.

Through this class, I want to help you get started
on drawing character portraits:
I'll be placing a strong emphasis on the line art portion,
but will also go over other essentials
such as simple anatomy, composition,
hair illustration, and more.

I am really excited to share some of
the technical skills and tips I use to create work
that looks as aesthetic as possible.

background Image
Coloso Eri Cruz
Eri Cruz

Freelance Illustrator

Projects & Awards

[Print Shop]
Ellie MapleFox at INPRNT


Class Highlights

Composition and Simplified Anatomy

Learn how to simplify anatomy and set up creative compositions. Understanding these key skills and applying them to your illustrations will not only help your characters look more natural, but absolutely stunning.

Coloso Eri Cruz Introduction

Hair Styles and Details

Hair aesthetics and details are steps I pay a lot of attention to when I create character portraits. We will explore various hair lengths and styles, and go over how to apply them to your characters.

Coloso Eri Cruz Introduction

Lineart and Colors

Lineart can be a powerful tool for conveying the intended mood of your piece. Selecting the right line weight and stroke to complement the colors will help prevent different elements from clashing within your piece. I will show you how to find the right balance for your illustrations.

Coloso Eri Cruz Introduction

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In-depth Look


1. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. Overview of the class materials
  3. Sharing helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Character Basics

2. Simplified Anatomy

  1. Overview of simplified anatomy
  2. All about character portrait composition
  3. Sihouette studies to make your illustrations POP

3. Expressions

  1. Easy steps for drawing various expressions
  2. Finding references and using them in your work
SECTION 03. Building the Illustration

4. Hair Tutorial

  1. Basic introduction to hair illustrations
  2. Baby steps for drawing different hairstyles
  3. Making your shape language more interesting

5. Line Art

  1. Quick and easy lineart
  2. Using lighting to control line weight
  3. Reviewing and applying line art skills
  4. Tips on avoiding overdone line work

6. Color

  1. Brief introduction to color blocking
  2. Making color choices for the vintage or retro look
SECTION 04. Completing an Illustration

7. Finalizing the Illustration

  1. How to shade the colors without stealing the spotlight from the lineart
  2. Adding final touches to the work

** The curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

6 Class Exercises

with Expert Illustrator Eri Cruz

background Image
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes? & What makes your class different from other classes?

Over the years, I've been asked to cover how I do my line art, mainly the hair. I am happy that my audience and fellow artists recognize the originality and uniqueness of my style. If you know me and you've been following my work, you probably know how much I love to draw subtle moments of different emotions and expressions in day-to-day life. I wanted to take this chance to share the skills I've been asked to share, while also providing insights into the key motifs that create personality in my work.

Could you please share how you started your journey in the industry?

I started taking art seriously in 2016. I was a pixel artist in those early years, and those experiences have influenced me to this day. My work now is a transformation of the gritty sharpness that I've translated into a cleaner sketching style. Sketching and drawing, in general, are my main outlets. They serve as a way for me to have the feelings, thoughts, and visions of others and myself expressed and recognized. In 2018, I started to develop a unique style that I still use and try to improve upon to this day.

Please share your thoughts on the industry's job market and what you see in the industry's future.

I've met many people who switched their career path to follow their passion in the arts. If it weren't for the pandemic, there would still be numerous people out there who would never had the chance to switch jobs to pursue what they truly want. People often think it's too late to begin a new life, but it's never too late. If more people enter the industry and become successful, obviously, there would be more competition. LOL! But of course, it's all about the mindset. This won't stop me from improving. :) I know the only real competition I'll face is the one with my past self.

For the sake of a brighter future for the art industry, I hope more parents will come to accept art as a good profession, and become more open to supporting their children who want to become an artist. If that happens, this career path will be perceived as "normal" just like engineers, accountants, doctors, and all the other jobs out there.

Required Programs

This course will use Adobe Photoshop CC.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

adobe Photoshop cc

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